Mama always told us to be careful when driving our cars while crossing an intersection, or in this case, the train tracks.

This poor guy from Sherman, Texas probably figured that his super car could get across the tracks unscathed. He was wrong, and his beautiful ride paid a pretty steep price.

That heap of metal you’re looking at was once a shiny and glittering Ferrari 550 Maranello. But after getting slammed a train crossing, well, it doesn’t look as shiny and glittery as it used to be. Fortunately for the poor guy, he managed to escape with only a few injuries.

As for his ride?

The front has been reduced to a twisted heap and if not for that Prancing Horse badge on the rear that somehow remained intact, then nobody would’ve guessed that this car is – or was – a Ferrari.


Source: Wrecked Exotics

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  (780) posted on 02.10.2010

Well at least the price that he had to pay is not as expensive and unaffordable as his life. Although it is irresponsible of him to be racing with the train, it could have been traffic mistakes as well. Weren’t there any gates on the crossing stopping cars to cross when there is a train or even just a stop light or two that will inform the drivers that there is a huge big chunk of metal coming their way and that they should wait.

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