We are always sorry to report about crashed Ferrari, but it happened again! This time a Ferrari 599 GTB was hit by a Renault minivan. The incident was spotted by one of our readers last Monday on Paris.

According to him the Renault was about to leave the roundabout around the Triumphal Arch but has overlooked the Ferrari on its right and cut its nose. After the incident, the 599 GTB was later towed. Apart from the fender bender, the left headlight wasn’t working anymore.

Thanks Marco for the tip and for the images!


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  (518) posted on 02.3.2010

The damage is not that big anyways. Sometimes when you see car crashes like this one, you get to think that the driver must have been driving it too fast or he was being too irresponsible, but for this case, it ain’t his fault. Lets just hope that the driver of the Renault has the money to pay for the damages.

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