Crashing an exotic is bad enough, but locking your Ferrari 612 Scaglietti in an expensive garage at a Scottish Ferrari dealership only to find that it’s been destroyed by an axe-wielding intruder is something else entirely. This is, unfortunately, not a figment of our imagination.

The owner, Rajinder Singh, booked the car into the local Ferrari dealership garage to have a pump fixed and one would assume that Ferrari would take extensive measures to ensure the garage is safe, but as proved by this case, it wasn’t.

Not long after leaving the car for its repair work, the expensive GT-car had its windows smashed and the tires slashed by a knife when the intruder broke into the garage, but as for now, those are all the details we can bring you.

If there is a silver lining in this cloud of grey, it’s the fact that the whole event was captured on CCTV so arresting the man responsible should be a breeze for local police.

The owner had the following to say to the Daily Record: “This has been a nightmare. The car was just in the garage to get a pump fixed when this happened. The car costs £207,000 new and the damage will cost about £40,000 to get fixed. It is bad enough that this has happened but the garage have been useless. The whole thing is a bad joke. I gave the garage a car worth more than £200,000 and they give me back a car that is effectively written off. The police asked me if there could be anyone who has a grudge against me but the garage is miles from my home. No one would have known it was my car. The police say they have investigated, got no leads and say there’s nothing else they can do.”

And we cannot blame the owner for his frustration. If there are any eagle-eyed Scottish readers out there, keep an eye out!


Source: Daily Record

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  (369) posted on 09.6.2012

It’s a tragic fate for the Ferrari 612. What happened on that Scott man?

  (702) posted on 09.5.2012

Why do they let it happen on Scaglietti? Pathetic car loses its elegance.

  (570) posted on 09.4.2012

It’s a bad luck for that car. The authorities surely finding the man who wrecked the car.

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