Online configuration tools have done a lot to help car companies sell optional extras by letting potential buyers see how a car would look in the different colors offered and with certain of the optional equipment, but it seems that they will soon be getting even better.

Ferrari has teamed up with the augmented reality company Zspace to build a dealership showroom tool for tablets, which will allow you to configure a Ferrari while it’s sitting in front of you. This is accomplished with 3D edge tracking, developed by Metaio, allowing you to match up a car on the showroom floor with one of the five Ferrari models for which the program has been written. These are the 2015 Ferrari 458 Speciale and Spider, the F12, the FF and the California.

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Ferrari And ZSpace Launch Augmented Reality Showroom
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The paint color can be changed, and there are a variety of wheel and brake options to choose from as well. The program will superimpose images of these options over the camera image displayed on the screen in real time. You will also have the ability to see sort of x-ray view of various components, such as the powertrain or brakes, rendered in 3D. You can even get a wind tunnel simulation right there in the showroom. The program will be launched first in smaller markets, specifically Japan and Australia, before making it to the US. But American Ferrari buyers won’t have to wait long, as the launch will happen at the Inside AR augmented reality show in San Francisco next month.

Ferrari’s current online configuration tool is already one of the better ones offered in the industry, allowing you 360 views, a good zoom in feature and even the ability to change lighting angles to check reflections in the paint. The augmented reality tool won’t really offer anything that can’t be found online, but it will offer it in such a radically different way that Ferrari will almost certainly find it to be a powerful sales tool.

Source: zspace

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