The Official Ferrari Magazine, the new publication for Ferrari clients worldwide, opens with a truly unique interview. Produced in collaboration with world lifestyle publications leader, Condè Nast, the first issue of the magazine sees Ferrari President and Fiat Group Chairman Luca di Montezemolo being interviewed by Michael Schumacher. One of the many questions posed by Schumacher, who is well aware of Montezemolo’s reactions when a GP doesn’t go well, was: "President, how many TVs have you smashed on my account after watching F1?" to which Montezemolo replies "I’d say four" with Schumacher joking "It’s a good thing you didn’t send me the bill then"

Ferrari Magazine is a lively and interesting mix of cars, racing culture, fashion and design seen from the point of view of the Ferrari world and the passionate individuals who buy these superb cars.

The first issue includes, for instance, a lively conversation between two famous Ferrari clients, musician Nick Mason and singer Jason Kay, and an interview with architect Renzo Piano who reveals his concept of creativity through his extraordinary plans for the architectural development of the Maranello factory. Issue number 1 also includes a feature on the new Ferrari California with beautiful illustrations so realistic that they really make the reader want to reach out and touch it. Formula 1 is covered through the codes used in the Grands Prix with Massa and Raikkonen starring as magical protagonists in a world that is at once always the same and always different.

Other themes addressed in the first issue of The Official Ferrari Magazine include an fascinating dissertation on the role of Italian art, design and culture in the evolution of Ferrari taste and style written by the legendary Stephen Bayley, as well as a piece on the role played by unique choices in lifestyles written by top Vogue journalist Harriet Quick, who introduces the Ferrari Scaglietti One to One personalisation programme.

The large format (330x240) 180-page magazine is published in English only to embrace its worldwide target and does not neglect the world of fashion either. That subject is covered in a truly fascinating photo spread that sees the Ferrari apparel range photographed with pieces from the top international designer collections by one of the most sought after photographers of the moment, Robert Wyatt.

The official Ferrari Magazine, editor-in-chief Antonio Ghini, who has been part of the team brought in by Montezemolo to turn around Ferrari’s fortunes for 15 years now, is flanked by a high profile team, including renowned journalist Jason Barlow as Editor and Rebecca Smith (formerly of Wall Paper and Vogue) as Art Director, will be published quarterly with each edition focusing on a particular theme: the first issue, for example, takes the world of signs as its subject. It will be followed by issues on language, colours, design and so forth. The fourth issue each year, published in December, will be extended to 280 pages and will replace the traditional Ferrari Yearbook published throughout its history by the Prancing Horse for its friends and collaborations. This issue will continue the tradition of revisiting the year just gone by with significant space dedicated to the Formula 1 season, new models and, in the 2008 edition, Ferrari’s Magic India Discovery tour which saw two Ferraris driven across the subcontinent by a relay of international journalists. The launch of the official Ferrari magazine has been greeted with enormous interest by the international advertising world. The initial 30,000 copies will all be sent directly to Ferrari owners who we are confident will welcome the new magazine warmly and collect it carefully. Ferrari owners are the perfect target readership both in socio-economic terms and in terms of an interest in reading about Ferrari and the companies that choose to be part of this exclusive publication.

In response to huge demand for subscriptions from enthusiasts also, Ferrari has decided, whilst retaining the exclusivity of the project, to make an initial batch of subscriptions available at a price of 250 Euro per year for the four issues.

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