Judging by the recent fad of all those Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, one would assume that a market competitor would come to challenge the highly popular Monster brand.

It appears that somebody has finally stepped up. Logic3 has released a new line of audio products in collaboration with none other than the Prancing Horse itself, Ferrari.

The Ferrari by Logic3 collection comprises of a wide range of earphones, headphones, and speaker docks that not only give companies like Monster and Bose something to think about, but on a more self-promoting level, you have yet another range of products that celebrate Ferrari’s flair for high-quality accessories.

To ensure that the products remain true to Ferrari’s characteristic style and panache, the Italian automaker collaborated closely with Logic3 to build this new range of audio equipment from the ground up to produce the best audio products on the market.

Together, Logic3 and Ferrari have realized two product ranges, comprising of two different collections: the Ferrari Cavallino Collection and the Scuderia Ferrari Collection. The former was treated with premium textures and materials combine with superior finishes to create unparalleled luxury and beautiful aesthetics. Meanwhile, the latter pays tribute to the flair, panache, and technological innovation of the Ferrari F1 team.

All the models carry Ferrari’s iconic Scuderia Ferrari badge and judging by the product images - as well as the matching price tags - we can definitely say that this new audio collection is something that competing brands should be very wary about.


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  (517) posted on 02.7.2012

When I saw the headphone of this Ferrari, I figure out the unique design plus the cool sounds. It’s a good thing that Ferrari has a collection of this.

  (530) posted on 01.30.2012

The headphone looks hot on red. The beat mass be powerful which is the most wanted of music lovers.

  (473) posted on 01.26.2012

This headphone looks good on me. With it’s color it doesn’t need to find clothes that will fit in the headphone. I’m sure this was the best since it has the logo of Ferrari.

  (541) posted on 01.25.2012

What a beautiful headphones. It’s a must have this season! Perfect for listening in any genre of music. I’m sure it gives the best music/sound perfectly. I love how they designed it.

  (429) posted on 01.20.2012

Wow! This is a pretty cool earphone! I would love to purchase it if ever I do have a chance. The combination of red, white, gray and black color of it with the Ferrari logo of it is so amazing. This is something to give as a gift.

  (442) posted on 01.19.2012

Logic3 can make a good design on headphones but I am not that impressed with this one. I guess we’ll paying for the name and not for the headphones. They should include the speaker performance of it.

  (595) posted on 01.18.2012

It looks simple yet beautiful because of its neat white color with a lining of red. This is not that impressive until I can hear the sound of it. I
guess, what we’ll pay for this is its name which is Ferarri.

  (447) posted on 01.17.2012

One of the most famous car in the world that is really a toughest competitor in the market. And when I saw the headphone of this Ferrari, I looked up the unique design plus a rockin’ and cool sounds. It’s a good thing that Ferrari has a collection of this. Great ideas.

  (242) posted on 01.16.2012

I love the color of this headphone, and i’m quite sure that this is rockin’ with cool sounds. How much will it cost, the article doesn’t say anything about it that much. Anyway, is there any available colors aside from this?

  (13) posted on 01.15.2012

well.. gadget that must have.. beating the beats? well.. sounds interesting.. got a prancing horse emblem..

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