When Jean Todt relinquished his role as CEO of Ferrari last year, the man who most claim to be driving force behind the Italian super car builder’s engineering efforts, Amedeo Felisa, took over the reigns of the prancing horse. During the opening of a new Maserati-Ferrari showroom in Sydney, Australia, the current Chief Executive Officer offered up a little insight into the Maranello based sports car builder’s future. Plans that include a 458 Spider, a 599 hybrid concept that will be on display in Geneva next month as well as an even more powerful light weight GTO variant of the V12 powered GT car and a new Enzo super car.

According to Mr. Felisa: "We will present the new concept of the hybrid at Geneva. It will be based on the 599, but that doesn’t mean it will debut on that model,...We have a plan to introduce on our cars new technology that will reduce consumption and emissions,...The next step is to apply the technology on Ferrari cars." An approach that the Scuderia gained some experience with the F60, regardless of the fact that the FIA has banned the hybrid like Kinetic Energy Recovery System from Formula One competition in 2010.

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Even if the 599 shows up this March as the first street legal Ferrari to feature the new fuel consumption and emissions reducing technology, by up to 25 percent each, we won’t see a production version until sometime in the year 2015. However the new California retractable hard top convertible will go green a bit sooner, like in 2011, "If you couple direct-injection with other technology up to 15 percent [reduction in fuel consumption and emissions] is possible. Then there is cylinder deactivation, stop-start, electric motors for certain functions, we will launch the first of these on the California next year." So if you were looking for a reason to go out and pick up a Ferrari, you might just be able to use the alternative fuel tax credit as an excellent excuse.

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  (334) posted on 03.7.2011

The Enzo quite good in the picture. At first when it came out I thought it was so hideous. But when I got to see it changed everything . I feel in love with this car!

  (1023) posted on 02.23.2010

What a view. If this car want us to wait for him for another long time, I say its gonna be worth waiting for. Look at that model Isn’t it fantastic.

  (765) posted on 02.7.2010

Now that is a good news. Somethings are worth waiting for. A new Enzo is really exciting as there haven’t been any updates with it for qutie some time now. I hope that they debut the cars soon.

  (518) posted on 02.7.2010

I didn’t know that a hybrid can perform as much as the petrol engine. FIA did even banned the Hybrid Ferrari due to is overwhelming.

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