Ferrari chairman said to be "speechless" about the 2013 SRT Viper

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With Chrysler and Ferrari both being owned and operated in part by Fiat, you could be mistaken for thinking that Ferrari played some role in the development of the brand new 2013 SRT Viper. However, as far as we know, the SRT subdivision created the Viper completely by itself but that hasn’t stopped Ferrari showing some interest in the car.

After all, the SRT Viper does appeal to a similar audience as Ferrari’s recently launched F12 Berlinetta as both can perform marvelously on the local race track and very well on the road also, with both cars having the technology to turn them into true GT cars.

As a result, it definitely comes as a surprise when one head-honcho at the competing company complements the competition, but that’s exactly what happened recently when Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo claimed he was “speechless” after seeing the new Viper for the very first time.

Chrysler chairman and CEO Sergio Marchionne said the following while being interviewed on Detroit radio station WJR-AM, "I had the chairman of Ferrari down here for the board meeting last week and he had a chance to look at the car, and he was speechless. I mean, for Ferrari to admit that the car is a unique vehicle is a hell of a compliment to the work that’s gone on here. So I’m delighted. I mean, so far, knock on wood, we’re doing well."

When one takes a quick look at the SRT Viper’s spec sheet, it’s easy to understand why di Montezemolo was so impressed as its 8.4-liter V10 engine delivers 640HP at 6,150 rpm and 600 lb-ft at 4,950 rpm making it one of the most powerful V10’s in the world.


Source: Inside Line

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  (365) posted on 06.26.2012

I’d be at loss for words too...but not necessarily, if I have not seen it perform yet.

  (1211) posted on 06.25.2012

If that Viper was in front of me, I might feel the same—speechless.

  (224) posted on 06.22.2012

I could imagine him just gaping there.

  (544) posted on 06.21.2012

It looks fiercer than former Viper. No wonder why the Ferrari Chairman is speechless about Viper.

  (194) posted on 06.20.2012

It may be only me, but I think the power is sort of low.

  (683) posted on 06.18.2012

Is it a fierce looking viper and what more? Having a V10 engine is really a great success producing a powerful 640HP.

  (831) posted on 06.15.2012

What’s astounding about it? All I know is that it looks fierce.

  (442) posted on 05.17.2012

For sure, there must have been something that he said after the long moment of silence, and I wonder what it was!

  (466) posted on 05.13.2012

See, not only normal people get awestruck by the SRT Viper. The Chairman himself was probably too amazed to voice out his thoughts.

  (553) posted on 05.10.2012

That was my initial reaction after all its teasing. I actually didn’t know that it would be greatly appealing because of its unique fierce styling.

  (474) posted on 05.9.2012

If it were me, I’d shamelessly gawk at such a wonderful piece of innovation. However, my words would be nonexistent, likewise.

  (300) posted on 05.9.2012

I know how it feels like to be awed that the moment of silence has gone too long!

  (559) posted on 05.8.2012

I can’t blame him; I’d be stunned too! SRT Viper has been my latest favorite ever since it was acquainted with the public.

  (287) posted on 05.7.2012

That was sort of cute, to be honest, LOL. If it were me, I’d probably be awe-struck at first too.

  (630) posted on 05.7.2012

It would be priceless to see Ferrari’s chairman to be speechless. Apparently, to him, no words can be said as SRT Viper is astounding to view personally. I wonder if he even knows that it houses an engine that delivers high amounts of ponies and torques.

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