The iconic sports car was literally burned down before getting a new lease on life

A 1952 Ferrari 225E has risen from the depths of despair after being the subject of an exhaustive two-year restoration process. It may look like a brand new Ferrari now, but that was hardly the case for so long when it was destroyed in a fire 30-something years ago.

Several attempts were made to have the car restored, but none of those efforts materialized. Fortunately, it’s current Argentinian owner had the resolve to see the restoration through. He took up the responsibility of restoring the 225E so he went to the only place he knew could get the job done: Ferrari Classiche.

It took almost two years, but as always, Ferrari Classiche proved to be up to the task. It wasn’t easy considering the shape the car was in. Ferrari Classiche had to overhaul the burnt-out shell and recondition the body, interior, and engine of the car. It even had to dig up the car’s original documentation from the factory archives to make sure that the car would look about as close to its original spec as possible. In the end, Ferrari Classiche got the job done, even finishing off the restoration by giving the 225E a classic two-tone blue and white paint job.

The car is now in pristine condition and any remnants of its fiery history has long been erased from its memory. The whole restoration proved that Ferrari Classiche is awesome and more importantly, there’s something to be said of the Argentinian owner who moved heaven and earth to bring this iconic Ferrari sports car back from the ashes.

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Why it matters

Ferrari Classiche Finishes Complete Restoration Of 1952 Ferrari 225E
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A lot of the credit for restoring this 1952 Ferrari 225E should go to its current Argentinian owner. It would’ve been easy for the unidentified man to simply give up on restoring the burnt car. I wouldn’t even blame him if he hoisted white flag and left it to rot. But he knew what he had with this car. He knew its status as one of the earliest sports cars built by Ferrari and its place in Maranello’s racing lore, having been first owned by Count Antonio Sterzi, who then raced it in the Mille Miglia.

Leaving the car in its mangled shape would’ve been a massive injustice to its stature. So he bit the cost of the restoration and commissioned Ferrari Classiche to bring it back to life. I don’t know how much he ended up spending for the whole project, but I can tell you that there’s no amount of money that can replace the joy and happiness of seeing a classic Ferrari in such bad shape for so long get brought back to life.

Whoever this man is now has an incredible Ferrari to call his own. It may not be as famous as the GTOs from the 60’s, but rest assured, there’s a special place in the annals of Ferrari’s long and illustrious history for the 1952 225E. The fact that this particular model went through what it went through to get to where it is now makes it even more special in the eyes of a lot of people, myself included.

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