If you thought the new era of F1 with small, hybrid, turbocharged cars was a bad idea, listen up. Not only have Mercedes and Audi revealed new engines and cars that are using an electrified turbo system similar in function to the new F1 cars, Ferrari has jumped into the mix now too. According to a new report from 4 Wheel News, Ferrari is working on a new engine that features both a supercharger and an electronic turbo.

Now if you are a Ferrari purist, please put down the gun/torch/big stick and listen. The report clearly states that Ferrari’s high-end, V-12 cars will remain, and that the V-12 engines powering them will also remain naturally aspirated.

The supercharger will help provide lots of power with a small footprint, and the instant torque and boost from the electric turbocharger will reduce lag in the forced-induction system and help cut emissions and increase fuel economy.

We don’t have any information on what size or configuration the engine will come in, but considering the main goal of this engine is to cut emissions, I wouldn’t be surprised to see smaller V-8. A de-bored version of the California T’s 3.8-liter down to 3.6-liter wouldn’t be improbable. Ferrari could also go for a V-6 configuration. Whatever it chooses, expect power outputs to still be well above the 500-horsepower mark.

It is still a Ferrari after all.

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Similar technologies

Audi RS5 TDI Concept

2014 Audi RS 5 TDI Concept High Resolution Exterior
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Both Audi and Mercedes are working on a similar technology. Audi’s freshly announced RS5 TDI Concept uses an electric supercharger system to reduce turbo lag and increase power in this concept’s diesel drivetrain.

New Mercedes-Benz Engine Rumors

AMG Planning to Develop E-Turbo Engines High Resolution Exterior
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As the dominant player in the F1 series this year, it makes sense that Mercedes would also look to capitalize on what it has learned about electrified turbocharging.

With AMG downsizing and turbocharging all of its engines, Mercedes will be looking to increase performance, reduce lag and cut emissions all at once with this new technology. Good times are ahead.

Why it matters

Ferrari may be the world’s leader in exotic sports cars, but it is not immune to the long arm of the law, or the whims of its rich clientele. Every year emissions regulations get stricter and stricter, while many of the wealthy members of society are becoming ever more eco-conscious. The result is a perfect storm that has even the likes of Ferrari doing what it can to be a company that is friendlier to the world around it.

Technology like a twin-charged engine with an electric turbocharger will not only keep performance at the peak of the world, but it will help keep some of the nasty burnt-petrol gunk out of the air. You go faster, and mother nature gets a bit of a break. If that isn’t a win-win, I don’t know what is.

Source: 4wheelsnews

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