Have money and don’t know what to do with them? Do you think that Ferrari is too common? (ya right!) If you want to have your own, unique model, you will be happy to know that Ferrari is thinking on creating your own custom series.

Of course the price for such a luxury is somewhere around 2 million euro. You will have the chance to choose a model currently in production and while the chassis, engine and airbag will have to remain the same, the rest can be exclusively designed and created, and all the materials will be delivered to the customer.

Don’t get to excited, there is one rule: no SUVs, station wagons or sedans! (Like there is someone wishing for that!)


Source: EuroCarBlog

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  (520) posted on 07.10.2008

what happened? Ferrari doesn’t make enough money with their cars so they decided to make custom ones?

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