With new and improved racing video games about to hit the shelves soon, we have an obligation to all of you guys to pump up the anticipation even further. Suppose you’re playing GT 5 on your Playstation 3, don’t you think that it’d be a little off when you’re using just any other wireless controller?

Fret not, race – and video game – fans, Thrustmaster recently released a number of officially licensed – that’s the key ter, right there – Ferrari video game controllers for the PS3 and the PC. We say that again.

Thrustmaster released OFFICIALLY LICENSED Ferrari controllers for the PS3 and the PC. The controllers, which are decaled with your favorite Ferrari cars including the F60, the F430 Challenge, and the 430 Scuderia,, come with unique a stable of unique race-catered features including programmable buttons and a optical wheels with auto-centering. It’s like having your own Formula One steering wheel in your hands.

The one exception to these wireless Ferrari controllers is the F60 Dual Analog,which, sadly, is PC-exclusive and doesn’t boast the same unique features as it’s three brethrens.

Nevertheless, the Ferrari-designed controllers are still primed to be
plucked, just in time for the year’s hottest racing games. These controllers will be available online around mid-October and you can pluck them out at Amazon.

Thanks for the heads-up Elijah.


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  (702) posted on 08.23.2010

I can’t afford this one, but I have too... lol I still need ti have GT5 though.

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