The car that Ferrari denies it will build will debut in 2009. The long rumored V-8 Ferrari “Dino” will be a front-engine coupe. Between 3,500 and 5,000 will be produced annually, with prices in the range of $160,000 to $180,000. Horsepower is expected to be slightly under 500, with 480 hp quoted by some. Whether there will be a cabriolet version is not known, but could be expected at some point after introduction of the coupe.
The first Ferrari Dino was produced between 1968 and 1976. That car, which was powered by a V-6 and was mid-engine, technically was not a Ferrari. Though produced by Ferrari, it was called simply the “Dino.” That name is an homage to Enzo Ferrari’s son, Alfredino “Dino” Ferrari. Dino Ferrari died in 1956 at age 24 from muscular dystrophy.
Ferrari has consistently denied that it has any plans to produce a Dino. Ferrari has experienced increasing demand in the last several years and has expanded production about 25%. At that level, production keeps the waiting period for a new Ferrari at about a year. However, adding a Dino at the predicted production levels would essentially double Ferrari’s annual output. The company has consistently denied any intention of doing that. At one point, Ferrari’s chairman, Luca Di Montezemolo told Motor Trend magazine that “[u]sed cars are aour entry cars. We are not going to do any Dino. No way. Or a small or cheap Ferrari. I don’t know why that story came out. I deny it.”
Nonetheless, spy photos of a camouflaged Ferrari surfaced on the internet in mid-August. Judging by the visible lines, it would appear much like the picture above. 

Source: Livvit

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