Who ever cannot see the connection between automotive design and art is blind. Take this Dino Rosa design study from Ferrari’s Paolo Rosa. The concept is the designer’s modern day interpretation of the classic 1967 Dino 246 GT. Although the design study looks like is going 100 MP sitting still, it will probably only do 10. That is because it is a 1:10 scale model of what an actual road going product would be.

This piece of authentic automotive art has earned its title, because it will be on display at the Museo dell’Automobile Bonfanti-Vimar in the Veneto region of Italy this fall. If you have the chance to visit the Mediterranean peninusula, you will have the opportunity to see what a compact mid-engine modern GT car with the original spirit of a classic sports car from the past looks like.


Source: Car Body Design

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  (314) posted on 06.2.2009

Well, if this new model is to be a similar marketing exercise to the first Dino — smaller, less powerful engine, lower price, etc. ala the Porsche Boxster — then bring it on. It would be nicer, however, if the flow of the design was more "classic" than these photos suggest.

  (177) posted on 06.2.2009

I was trying very hard to imagine how the previous Ferrari Dino looked like so I just decided to search one in the internet. Luckily I found a good one! And I just thought that its really good that they still kept some of the original strokes from its grandparents. Anyway, is this going to remain as a concept car or are they going to sale it in the market anytime soon?

  (182) posted on 06.2.2009

FYI: Ferrari Dino is actually named after Enzo’s son Alfredo Dino Ferrari who died because of muscular dystrophy. How would have thought that such a traumatic and sad event would come up with such a pretty car?

  (183) posted on 06.2.2009

You’re right here! Its actually one of the prettiest Ferrari ever! And I am looking forward as the said car manufacturer is reinterpreting this beauty. Its just sad that purists then were so obsessed with the classic cars then, they rejected the innovation started out by the Dino.

  (180) posted on 06.2.2009

Dino 246GT is considered to be one of the best mid-size engine ferrari ever. It’s actually named after Enzo’s son, Dino, who convinced his father to develop V6 and V8 engine designs.

  (421) posted on 06.2.2009

Well owning a 1972 246 GTS, I can only say they shouldn’t talk about that name (Dino) or that model (246 GT/GTS), which never carried the Ferrari nameplate, unless it’s to be the same type of product

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