• Ferrari Dino - to be or not to be?


A few days ago we reported that there won’t be a Ferrari Dino after all, but images of the model are still surfacing the internet. The latest one are from Poblete. Dino represents territory absolutely never explored by Ferrari and a couple of key levels and even old Enzo’s legs must be shaking outof sheer nerves in the Great Hereafter. The new Dino will go on sale in late 2009, or maybe 2010.

Also, they say that unlike the classis original, the newcomer wil get a front-mounted 4.2 liter V8 engine with an output of 480hp.

The design looks quite good, but we do not know how much we can trust this images. Mainly because Dino is a very leight car, with mid-engine - the same as a Lotus Elise and Poblete says the car will have a front-engine, but this will compromise the principle that defines a Dino. And also a front-engine means a heavier car.

Until an ofificial release from Ferrari we can’t do nothing more than speculate... and so did Poblete. You might allready know that Plobete was allready wrong in his drawing of the 330P4 but the car did come out at the end and the shape was nto that far than its prediciton.

Source: AutoExpress

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Ferrari330P4  (36) posted on 12.6.2006

I saw that on another website with more pictures. It looks GREAT!!!! I really hope they make it!!!!!

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