It seems that supercars are crashing one by one. After the Lamborghini LP640 now is Ferrari’s turn to crash. During the four-day Utah Fast Pass Road Rally a man crashed his $1.3 million Ferrari.

Richard Losee was one of 30 drivers of exotic sport cars who paid $5,000 to participate in the rally. He was on a stretch of State Route 257 when he lost control of his car.

The 2003 Enzo Ferrari, traveling at about x00 mph, was torn to pieces during the crash. After veering off the road, the car lost its transmission and V-12 engine and came to rest off the other side of the road.

The driver was flown to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center with serious injuries.

You can see a video of the crashed car in here

The driver recently reported going close to 200mph, and hit a bump in the road that sent him airborne. The car rolled 7 times and was flat as a pancake. Fortunetly he was wearing a helmet. He has cracked vertebrae in his neck and back, 4 broken ribs, broken sternum, some broken fingers, and the only surgery he made need is on his thumb. Nothing life threatening. He is refusing pain medication because he thinks he needs to be punished!

Source: Salt Lake Tribune

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