If you have like €5,000 you can buy a Ferrari Enzo! Not a real one, that’s true, but a quite faithful replica.

Ferrari Enzo replica
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This car is a replica based on a 1986 Pontiac Fiero. The engine cover might tell you it’s a V12, but you just get the normal V6. This engine is connected to an automatic gearbox, so you won’t get any “flippers” behind the steering wheel. Inside you’ll find a digital dash and the old Fiero seats. Some guy called Jim is the owner of this remarkable ride.

Ferrari Enzo replica
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The Enzo is a real supercar, the lines, wonderful sound. When you see or hear the car you immediately know this must be a supercar. The color on this Enzo isn’t the usual Ferrari Red, this time “Corvette Red” has been used, something different. The upwards opening doors, F1 style nose, the brutal V12 with powerfilter that is just inches behind the red and grey seats.


Source: AutoGespot

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6bob55  (2) posted on 05.2.2008

I would like that car

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