Long before the Ferrari LaFerrari laid claim to the title of being the most sought-after, modern-day Ferrari supercar in history, the Ferrari Enzo had that crown. Launched in 2003, the Enzo represented Ferrari’s thirst to build a world-beating, benchmark-setting supercar. The Enzo, for all intents and purposes, followed in the lineage of the F40, and while the F40 eventually spawned a limited edition version called the F50, the Enzo had the FXX. The car on this video, though, is called the Enzo ZXX. There’s only one of its kind in the world and it is beyond mental.

The Enzo ZXX is actually a modified version of the Enzo that comes with an aftermarket kit developed by Edo Competition. It’s owned by troubled businessman Zahir Rana, who’s notable claim to fame also included owning the high-end aftermarket shop ZR Auto in Calgary, Canada. Rana has also made the headlines for the wrong reasons, including getting arrested in India over multiple allegations of fraud. Just as interesting as it is to talk about the owner of the Enzo ZXX, the car itself also has a pretty eventful history, most notable its plunge into the Atlantic Ocean back in 2011.

As you can see, the Enzo ZXX has made a full recovery since that headline-making swim. It costed Rana $500,000 to have the car fixed, but judging by how it sounds on the track, every penny that went into making the Enzo ZXX whole again has been worth it.

Ferrari Enzo ZXX Edo Competition

2008 Ferrari Enzo ZXX by Edo Competition and ZR Exotics High Resolution Exterior
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