If driving an R8 through the streets of Maranello was a slap in the face for Ferrari from the German automaker. Then the Italian super car builder should send this F-430 over to Sant d’Agatha, to rustle a few feathers. The little Italian town is the home of Lamborghini, a member of the VW family, just like Audi.

What makes this particular Scuderia stand out from all other Ferrari’s is the car’s matte finish. The Marrone Apus color that covers the prancing horse is the exact same paint from the latest super Lambo, the Reventon. As if to say, anything you can do we can do better, this F-430 Scuderia would surely frustrate a few Lamborghini fans because the fighter plane inspired super car’s stealth like exterior is not so exclusive anymore. However, we do have to say, the Ferrari pulls it off quite well.


Source: Autogespot

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  (289) posted on 05.22.2009

I love this matte finish on the Scruderia. It like parading itself for people to see how great looks it has

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