If you were expecting to see Ferrari’s successor to their mid engine track special, the F-430, at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. Well, it’s not going to happen. The Italian automaker has decided to debut the all new Ferrari F-450 will be revealed as a concept this December at the LA Auto Show, with sales scheduled for early 2010. Could it be that even in the current economy, the trendsetting locale of Los Angeles would be preferable to the home show for a group of over engineered German sports cars? This way Ferrari won’t have to share the high performance spotlight with the likes of Porsche or Mercedes Benz.

For now we know that the delay was caused by none other than the boss himself, Luca di Montezemolo, who added a few last moment tweaks to the new F badged Ferrari. So now Pininfarina is in the process of modifying the sports car’s styling to incorporate ideas inspired by the company’s F1 and GT racing programs. Items like: radiators placed ahead of the front wheels, a double-clutch seven-speed transaxle gearbox, understeer-canceling software for the engine and suspension as well as an upgraded version of the Scuderia’s traction control.

When the new Ferrari F-450 hits the market it will only be offered as a hard top coupe. The Spyder version will follow a year and a half later. Despite the initial reports, the 450 will not use any of the twin-turbo, direct-injected, all-wheel-drive hybrid units. Representatives from the Italian super car builder have said that these forward thinking technologies won’t be seen in a Ferrari road car before 2014.


Source: Autocar

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