The Italian sports carmaker Ferrari has been keeping busy with the new Ferrari F-450. These spy shots are proof that despite the delay the design team in Maranello are still hard at work, even though the stripped down car looks like it spent the night in the rougher part of the Italian countryside.

These new spy shots show off the profile of the new mid-engine sports car. From the photo you can see that the driver sits almost on top of the front axle, allowing for the power plant to be mounted lower down in the body and shift as much of the weight as possible into the center of the car.

Under the deck lid, Ferrari will use a 4.6 Liter V8 that will put out a screaming 520 HP. As we’ve said before; this means that the future Ferrari F car will be even quicker than the factory tuned F-430 Scuderia. In typical Mille Miglia fashion; Ferrari plans on offering the mid engine sports car in both a coupe and spyder configurations.


Source: CzechFerrari

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  (177) posted on 06.24.2009

I saw the cold weather testing of this beauty. And wow. It looks so beautiful. The Ferrari red color contrasting the white snow. I can’t wait to see it in the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show this September.

  (182) posted on 06.24.2009

When I first saw the F430 in 2004, I never thought how any other car would be able to surpass it. But here comes the new F450 and I said that Ferrari never fails to prove itself.

  (182) posted on 06.24.2009

Definitely, F450 has better handling than the F430. I read a car blog that says that the new Ferrari has to thank its lightweight aluminum structure for making it lighter.

  (180) posted on 06.24.2009

It only looks wrecked because they are supposed to be hidden from the public. Its just that the Topspeed people are so cool to capture this moment. Anyway, I heard that they really poured efforts into making sure that this car would reduce emission and they are also doing their best to improve handling of the super car.

  (4) posted on 06.23.2009

Is it me or does this car look wrecked. I know its taken apart, but look at the top front of the door and the hood has a lump on its side and then if you look at the B ar coming behind the door its bent as well. Was this a test mule they wrecked? or was this a test mule in an unrefined stage?

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