If you remember, before the F430 was launched on the market some drawings made by Pininfarina appeared on the internet. Why I am telling this to you? Because those drawings seems to be the inspiration for T2-G Project on creating this tuning kit.

You have to admit that the T2-G Project kit looks much better than any other kit. Simple and with lot of good taste, it wants to please any Ferrari lover, without destroying the look of the original F430.

Ferrari F430 by T2-G Project
- image 205609

The front bumper spoiler extends the nose to the front form normal, sharp and actualizing the expression which tightens the thickness of the top and bottom and makes it thin. The left and right air intake is connected, the racing which utilizes carbon area will finish “the large amount” in atmosphere, expressing the countenance which has the intonation with designating top as part body same color. The lip spoiler does not come out too much, in order to collect at the place where balance off exquisitely, being conscious, it designs.

Ferrari F430 by T2-G Project
- image 205610

The side skirt, which the volume impression is conscious of the styling the front which overflows, can charm on the aggressive line. The intake cover, while one end being dented in the center, makes the image expand largely, facing toward the wheel arch the rear in order for the glamorous line to be connected, designs. You are conscious of also the connection of the air intake top, have expressed of the body side more richly.

Ferrari F430 by T2-G Project
- image 205612

Rather than you adhere to modeling and one board for the rectification and by the fact that the volume impression of lower part is emphasized to a greater extent, differing from nomal clearly, actualizing the expression which tightens. Height of design quality is fixed being, whether the Ferrari genuine the extent which is thought finished in high degree of completion.

With the combination with the carbon of the diffuser parts, the high-class impression is made to raise, As an accent of the one point, racing atmosphere is produced.

Ferrari F430 by T2-G Project
- image 205611

Luxuriously to the number cover the carbon license plate, which allots the carbon plate. It is settled highest by matching of the carbon of the diffuser parts and there is an impression, the rear section is produced.

The total price for this tuning kit is 5100 euro, quite nothing compared to the price of a F430.

Source: T2-G Project

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