• Ferrari F430 gets jacked when casino valet lets another person drive away with it

More often than not, valets are a pretty sketchy bunch. You give them the keys to your car and for the next few hours or so, they can pretty much do whatever they want with it, including giving it to another person who doesn’t even own the car.

According to The Herald Sun, that’s precisely what happened in Australia when professional poker player Van Marcus dropped by the Crowne Casino in Melbourne for a nice, little poker action. After having his Ferrari F430 picked up by valet parking, a certain Adam Ramsey somehow ended up taking the car and driving it home. It turns out that after seeing the F430, Ramsey approached the valet folks saying that he had lost his ticket. Whether it was a case of a flawed policy or just plain idiocy, the valet crew merely asked Ramsey to jot down his personal information before handing him the keys of the F430.

Predictably, Marcus was a little pissed off when he found out that his prized F430 left without him - and with someone else driving it away. Fortunately for Marcus, the Melbourne police were quick on the job, tracking down the car six hours late when Ramsey had to stop for gas - or petrol, as our Aussie friends call it. Ramsey’s now facing charges for vehicle theft and will most likely serve time for boosting the F430.

The lesson here is pretty simple. Valet parking should be a last resort, especially for those with cars that are of the exotic variety. And Marcus, well, he said the car just didn’t feel the same after being taken for a little joyride by a total stranger. We feel for you, buddy.


Source: The Herald Sun

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  (814) posted on 05.24.2010

I hope he can still find his ferrari in one piece.

  (763) posted on 05.20.2010

It happens in most hotels, valet parking should be more tight in security.

  (392) posted on 05.19.2010

Auch, next time don’t trust anyone with your super car because it might not comeback, but I think your a lucky person that’s why it goes back to you.

  (366) posted on 05.19.2010

I agree that parking boy is dead... His is doomed..

  (346) posted on 05.18.2010

Freak! Why would you let anyone you don’t know drive the entrusted car to you? this is a matter of dicipline and responsibilities.

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