If the Ferrari F430 Spider doesn’t look sporty enough for you from the factory, the guys at Inden Design have come up with a customization program that improves both the vehicle’s performance as well as the sports car’s handling.

Ferrari F430 Spider by Inden Design
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Inden’s target was to make the F430 hit 186 MPH. In order to do do this, the tuner has added a modified front-spoiler to push the front end down and keep air from going under the Italian super car. The side skirts seal off the lateral edges of the undercarriage while the carbon fiber diffusor and rear valance work together to channel whatever air did enter the underside and create a low pressure zone behind the back bumper to plant the rear axel as well as creating a vacuum underneath the Ferrari that sucks the entire vehicle onto the pavement. This allows the lightweight wheels to not only look good, but gain a little grip.

With an extra 35 HP thanks to a stainless steel sports exhaust system with sound control and test pipes replacing the catalytic converters, the Inden F430 is the perfect choice for any speed lover.

Press release after the jump.

Press release

The Tuner INDEN has specialized himself on the dressing of upscale sports cars. Based on the Ferrari F430 INDEN-Design remakes a special edition of this car, which assured with design and engine power. The Ferrari F430 from INDEN-Design is especially characterizing of a technology which was putted to the acid test for many test-kilometer.

Ferrari F430 Spider by Inden Design
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To attain a maximum speed of over 300 km/h, the aerodynamic is from fundamental importance. At the front the Tuner from Haiger put up a modified front-spoiler. Because of this design a aerodynamic is being produced, which the wind flow of the car influenced positive. The side-flaps are a muscular sign. The attached parts, like the carbon-diffusor and the rear valance make the sport optics perfect.

For the ultra-wide tracking of the car, they attached especially lightweight wheels. The wheels with the dimensions 8,5x20 (235/30 R20) inches and 12x20 inches were assembled with 325/25 R20 high performance tires. These provide controllable speeds on sports car level. A few millimetres closer to the ground makes the F430 a INDEN-Design sport spring set, which is a modified curve by progressively wound spring coils a reasonably acceptable hardness.

Ferrari F430 Spider by Inden Design
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The stainless steel-made sport exhaust system with damper control and Kat replacement tubes in conjunction with a new engine electronics coaxed 35 horsepower extra. The stainless steel exhaust system has a damper control which is either through back pressure control automatically opens or closes. If you want you can open and close it by remote control.

The compensating specialists from Haiger have not only a sense for external values, including the interior for you belong to this particular individual. This is already in embarking in sports significantly. The two-seated cockpit of the F430 combines pure racing look to a combination of carbon and leather with the comfort of a super sports car. The combination of the colors the buyers can choose by themselves. The dashboard, the center console, sport wheel covers and several covers have been refined with original leather and invite you to start your trip.

Ferrari F430 Spider by Inden Design
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Through the applied nano-sealing a long-lasting protection of the varnish is guaranteed. For even more individualism INDEN-Design offers an extensive list of special equipment options. This allows almost any customer request to get satisfied.

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