Ferrari F430 Spider falls off delivery truck

There are car crashes that can be attributed to drivers going a little bit too fast with their cars while there are those that you can blame entirely on unforeseen circumstances.

Then there are crashes like this one.

We’re foggy on the details as to how this Ferrari F430 Spider ended up like this but from what we’ve heard, it apparently fell off from the top level of a delivery truck while it was being transported at a local luxury car dealership just outside of Boston.

There’s really nothing much to say except that whatever caused this F430 Spyder to fall from a delivery truck can be traced to just one thing – someone wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention in strapping this baby down. And yes, when it involves supercars like this one, it hurts a little more than if this were just any other car.


Source: Fox News

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  (410) posted on 06.14.2011

And the sad part was commonly it the driver’s fault. However, I wonder on what happened to the the driver of delivery truck?

  (559) posted on 06.14.2011

Well, I don ’ think that this is the worst crashed that happened in the history of Ferrari. Most of their high speed performing car was the star of this car accident.

  (518) posted on 02.7.2010

@ ulen - it was not a mechanical problem, and i agree with LovMyTrckr06 delivering a ferrari is alwayz using an authorized delivery truck and they are using elevator than slide. and also they are using a closed truck.

  (1) posted on 02.7.2010

ULEN-The cause of that was NOT faulty equipment. I deal with these cars daily in the transport business. They do not drive cars like that-or any car for that matter-up a ramp onto that platform you see in the picture. That platform is a liftgate, it lays flat on the ground, you drive the car on, then use the ramp like an elevator to get the car safely into the truck without damaging low front ends such as those on a Ferrari or Lamborghini. This driver obv did not engage the emergency brake well or enough or wasnt very familiar with how to handle a car like this when trying to drive it off the liftgate and into the truck. Has nothing to do with strapping it down. The car does not get strapped down until it is INSIDE the truck.
BOBBY CRUZ-Yes you have an insane amount of insurance to haul these cars around. My husband and I own our transport business and the insurance we pay is outrageous, but most definetly worth having. On the other hand these cars are considered totaled when there is really not that much damage. The value of the car drops so mcuh from the time you drive it off the lot and of course after something like this happens. People that are in the market for a Ferrari dont want one that needed extensive repairs. Plus the engines are in the back of these cars. Parts and labor are hellaciously expensive for exotic cars.

  (518) posted on 01.31.2010

Well, don’t they have like insurance or something when delivering good stuffs like this one? If they don’t and the delivery truck is not owned by the company, then the driver and the delivery company will surely have to pay a lot of damages. But, by the looks of it, the machine can still be repaired, although, if I was the one going to receive the dream car, I wouldn’t like it as “repaired”.

  (1) posted on 01.30.2010

the cause was faulty equipment the ramp broke

  (534) posted on 01.28.2010

LMAO.. you should shackle it properly... dang poor delivery boy and driver.. they just damaged the car that is much expensive than their own house.

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