This is the first time in history when you will hear about a hardtop Ferrari. AutoGespot spotted this Ferrari F430 with hardtop in Maranello. And even if the car doesn’t make much sense, it really happened!

It could be a mule for the successor of the F430, but the shape and lines are all the same. This could mean that the successor could have the same size. The F430 has already been on the market for a while and with the introduction of the Gallardo LP560-4 Ferrari has less power than the Lambo. So this could be a mule. But we don’t think it is because why would they drive in a F430 with a hardtop? That will attract a lot of attention.

Another option is that Ferrari has built a hardtop (and most probably) because a lot of customers ask for it. But we don’t think that people want a hardtop on their Spider.


Source: AutoGespot

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