The Italian super carmaker, Ferrari, is still working on the successor to their current F-430 mid engine sports car. The latest spy shot reveals that the car is far from being on a state of completion, but also despite the speculation, the new V8 will feature neither a turbocharger nor the company’s Kinetic Energy Recovery System derived from the KERS unit on the Formula 1 car.

What the spy photo does reveal is just how wide those rear tires are going to be and how low to the ground the transmission is mounted. The one thing that is unclear is whether the two metal tubes are part of the intake manifold or if they are the new F’s exhaust. Judging by the size of the rear bumper support, and lack of a place to route the tailpipes without making them unnecessarily long, the future car’s spent gasses could exit out the top of the vehicle in a manner similar to the F1 car. We will just have to wait until September to find out at the Frankfurt Motor Show when Ferrari unveils their latest creation.

Either way the car’s 4.6 Liter V8 will develop 520 HP making the future Ferrari F-450 more powerful than the factory tuned F-430 Scuderia, and with a lightweight body should be faster as well. The exterior of the 450 will be designed by Pininfarina, as usual, and will be offered in both coupe and spider variants.


Source: Czech Ferrari

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  (314) posted on 06.4.2009

F142 mule sports have larger wheel cases and air intakes and will likely be called the F450 when it succeeds the current F430. This lightweight V8’s is a good idea for Ferrari, who’ve built their reputation on outstanding track performance. Personally, though, I like the Lamborghini design principle - enormous engine, enormous power

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