We are always sorry to report about a crashed supercar. And this time more than ever: we are talking about a 1995 Ferrari F50 owned by a museum in Frank Hoek, South Africa.

The son of the owner of the museum decided to take the F50 to a ride. And the result... well it needs no comment the picture say it all. South African media said the car is a total loss, but the owner of the museum denies this. According to him, the F50 cand still be repaired and return to old state.

Hard to believe considering almost all the essential components are shielded: body, the left rear suspension and the right front suspension, the oil coolers and radiator, three rims and tires must be replaced.

But there is always hope. We have to say that the carbon fiber body will have a high cost, because carbon fiber is extremely expensive and thus restore too.

The accident was not caused by the owner or it reckless driving or excessive speed, but it was described as a ’normal’ accident. I wonder what does this mean?


Source: AutoGespot

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