We know the 2013 Geneva Motor Show is set to start next week, but most of you - us included - are tired of all that waiting and really want to see what the Enzo successor, also known as the F70 or the F150 - will look like. If you are a part of this group, we have found something pretty cool for you: a leaked image from the March 2013 issue of Quattroroute Magazine that seems to reveal part of the new F70.

As you can see, the supercar will feature the same headlight style as the 458 Italia, a large front grille and a carbon fiber front spoiler. Also obvious is that monstrous front fender arch that will obviously help channel airflow in a way to increase downforce.

Unfortunately, this is pretty much all the image revealed, but it’s still good enough to help us get a slightly better idea on the upcoming F70. Some people are claiming that this is simply a rendering, but why would it be hiding under a sheet if it is only a rendering? We think this is the real deal, folks.

We will find out if this is real or not next week when the car is finally unveiled in Geneva.


Source: Ferrari F70 Facebook Page

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  (4) posted on 03.2.2013

I actually want the f70 to have 458-style lights. I like them.

lorenzoitaly  (10) posted on 03.2.2013

I’ve bought this magazine because it’s italian and I read that it’s only a render

lorenzoitaly  (10) posted on 03.2.2013

I hope it is a render, I don’t like the idea of 458’s same headlights

lorenzoitaly  (4) posted on 02.28.2013

Might be a rendering (?)

lorenzoitaly  (4) posted on 02.28.2013

Car and driver march 2013 has rear picture

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