Swansea University is known for producing some of the most brilliant young auto designers in the world and recently, these young studs put their creations out for public consumption during the Swansea Metropolitan University Degree Show. One of the concept cars that got our attention was this creation by Adam Flay of a Ferrari, specifically, the Ferrari F75 Mugello.

Ferrari F75 Mugello Concept Car designed by Adam Flay
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Inspired by a number of technical F1 aerodynamics, Flay’s concept of the Ferrari of tomorrow takes into account a combination of the Pransing Horse’s timeless design with an eye towards futuristic design elements. Flay even added a commemorative touch on the F75 by saying that the car is going to be the 75th anniversary car of Ferrari in 2022.

While we’re not the type to look too far into the future, we must admit that Flay’s design is pretty sexy, especially when you add that unmistakable Prancing Horse badge in the front and back

We don’t know if Luca di Montezemolo and the boys from Maranello have seen Flay’s rendition, but if they’re in the market for brilliant young designers, they better take a good look at this young stallion, Adam Flay. He seems to understand what it takes to create an attention-grabbing Ferrari.


Source: Car Body Design

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