Ferrari future car to be based on the FXX Millechili

2007 Ferrari FXX Millechili
- image 180083

It’s confirmed now, Ferrari is taking into consideration to focus more and more in producing eco concept cars. Their next step is to use the FXX Millechili as a basis for the next supercar. The FXX Millechili is a concept vehicle made of plastic and cardboard and represents the company’s first move in improving their image in front of the environmentalists. It seems that the next supercar of Ferrari will have the basis of the FXX Millechili and will also be underpinned by a modified version of the F430’ s aluminum space frame.

2007 Ferrari FXX Millechili
- image 180084

The new model will feature a 600hp(450kW) V10 engine and a weight of just 2,200 pounds(1,000kg). With a lengthened wheelbase of 104.3in and a raft of active aerodynamics on-board, the looks of the new car will be quite different to the Millechili. An estimated 300 cars will enter production in early 2010 with an expected to start at $500,000.


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  (62) posted on 06.20.2008

nice shape, i hope they won`t make the car from the same materials like the concept (plastic and cardboard)

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