If you thought it would be borderline impossible for Ferrari to create a machine that was more insane or exciting than the new 2015 FXX K, well you are right, but the company is wiling to try. In a recent story over on Autocar, company test driver Marc Gené says “Right now, I think we cannot improve that car, but no doubt something will come up. I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens, but it won’t be in two years.”

Ferrari has made Evoluzione versions of both the FXX and the 599XX, so it was expected to see an upgraded version of the FXX K. Gené says that we shouldn’t expect more power, as the 1,021 ponies the FXX K already has is pretty much a maximum as far as things like grip and traction are concerned. Rather he says that we should look to see a modified version of the FXX K with better efficiency, revised aero work and a lower weight. There could also be handling improvements with active aero and electronics adjustments.

Sadly that is all the information that was provided but it does at least show that Ferrari doesn’t think they have built the perfect car, or the ultimate performance machine.

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Why it matters

Ferrari has long been the company that has pushed other automakers to create the best and most insane machines. Beyond the sheer ability of Ferrari’s greatest creations, the science and technology that goes into creating them eventually filters out through the rest of the lineup and eventually the automotive world. In much the way that Formula One and Endurance racing gives automakers a platform to test new technology, Ferrari uses their XX cars to push advanced tech that wouldn’t be race legal. All together, the fact that Ferrari still wants to push its FXX K ever farther on the performance scale is only good news for the automotive world as a whole.

Ferrari FXX K

2015 Ferrari FXX K High Resolution Exterior
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The Ferrari FXX K is an exclusive supercar racer based on the hybrid Ferrari LaFerrari. It produces 1,021 horsepower from its modified hybrid drivetrain and will hit 60 mph in a scant 2.8 seconds. Top speed is quoted at “more than” 217 mph.

This car follows the same program that the FXX and 599XX followed: you have to be chosen to buy one and Ferrari keeps it. As an owner you are invited to specific track days where Ferrari will deliver the car to you for some track fun, but it take the car back to Maranello when the day is over. Only Ferrari could pull something like that off.

Source: AutoCar

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