It was recently announced that Ferrari would offer a total 32 examples of its race-only 2015 FXX K, and although prices came in at an astonishing $2.7 million, each and every example was promptly sold. Not that any of those customers actually “own” the car, at least not in the traditional sense. Rather than buying an FXX K to keep in the garage and sing sweet lullabies to (or whatever it is that Ferrari owners keep behind closed doors), the buyers of the FXX K essentially bought the privilege to drive this hybrid monster at specific track days.

Let us explain. The FXX K is part of Ferrari’s XX “owner test-driver” program, whereby customers spend millions of dollars to get in the cockpit of “their” car at track days of Ferrari’s choosing. Each driver is hand selected by the Italian automaker, which provides a crew of engineers and technicians for six events at tracks worldwide, like the Nürburgring or Yas Marina. After the hard laps end, Ferrari loads up the car and takes it away, with a few hard drives worth of data to pour through for future development. The customers all go home to wait for the next opportunity to play race car driver. If you ask us, it seems like an awfully sweet deal for Ferrari.

In this video, we find the FXX K out in the UAE among other members of the XX Program, including the 599XX and FXX. Although the angle is shot only from the front straight and pits, hearing these things rev up will give you shivers.

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Ferrari FXX K

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The Ferrari FXX K (AKA the track-only LaFerrari) has finally made its debut. Check out all of its hybrid supercar awesomeness at!

As if the LaFerrari wasn’t fast enough, Maranello went a step further with the FXX K. The few things keeping the LaFerrari road legal are all gone, and in their place is a fire-breathing destroyer of lap times. The aero has been redesigned for even more downforce and less drag, including a larger front splitter, and a rear spoiler that’s been divided into twin vertical fins. The diffuser is new and much larger as well.

The interior is composed of bucket seats, race harnesses, acres of bare carbon fiber, and enough buttons to embarrass NASA. Sitting very close to the pilot’s backside is a thrashing, 6.3-liter V-12 paired to an electric motor, which combine to form 1,050 horsepower. That’s a significant bump of nearly 100 ponies over the stock LaFerrari, which can be attributed to things like an upgraded valvetrain and intake manifold, not to mention the free-flowing exhaust.

The tires, which are Pirelli P-Zero racing slicks, are enormous, measuring in at 10.5 inches wide up front and 13 inches wide in the rear, and a variety of computers are installed to make sure maximum grip is available at all times.

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