If you’re visiting this site, then chances are pretty good that you’re a fan of loud, uncorked V-12s, especially when they’re attached to Ferrari’s new track-only hybrid hypercar. If that’s the case, then turn up your speakers for three minutes of furious noise, full-throttle acceleration and flybys that would make Maverick and Goose proud — all courtesy of this white Ferrari FXX K at the Imola circuit in Italy.

Things start out in the garage, where we get a face full of FXX K start-up noise before heading out to the track for some hot laps. The video shooter says speeds were well above 180 mph on the main straight, with the V-12 at full song.

The footage appears to have been shot at the same session that saw this and three other FXX Ks undergoing final testing before checking in for duty with Ferrari’s customer research and development program. The FXX K makes its program debut at the Ferrari Racing Days event at the Hungaroring near Budapest later in June.

Ferrari is only building 32 FXX Ks (though we wouldn’t be surprised if Ferrari introduced an FXX K Evoluzione after the current two year program wraps up), and despite being a $2.7-million car you can’t drive on the road, all have been spoken for. Similar to the LaFerrari road car on which it’s based, its 860-horsepower V-12 is supplemented by a 190-horsepower electric motor for a grand total of 1,050 horsepower.

With active aero and suspension and the processing power of the NSA, it adjusts to changing conditions within milliseconds. It hits 60 mph in 2.7 seconds and has a top speed of 217 mph. Unless your last name is Vettel or Raikkonen, it’s probably cleverer than you are.

Ferrari FXX K

2015 Ferrari FXX K High Resolution Exterior
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