And it’s chasing another LaFerrari!

The Ferrari FXX K was a huge thing back in 2015. It was brand new, it took the LaFerrari to a new level, and everyone was raving about it. Sure, the FXX K is still an impressive machine in 2017, but you don’t hear that much about it. Well, until a cool video featuring two of the only 40 built surfaces the Interwebz.

As you probably know, all cars are being kept and maintained by Ferrari and given to their customers only during special track events. It sounds a bit silly given the multi-million-dollar sticker, but it’s terms you have to agree with when purchasing a race-spec "Prancing Horse."

It seems Ferrari just had such an event at the Monza track and an owner uploaded an in-car video to YouTube. The footage shows a blue and yellow FXX K lapping the Italian track and overtaking another race-spec LaFerrari in the process.

The owner was also kind enough to reply to some of the comments he received. When asked if the FXX K will reach Ferrari’s estimated top speed of 224 mph, he said that only very few straights allow the car to get close to 200 mph. He also mentioned that the car can be used in "Qualify" mode, which provides maximum performance, on a single lap before power runs out.

All told, it’s definitely not the fastest FXX K run I’ve seen, but impressive nevertheless.


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