Eat your heart out, Justin Beiber. Sure, you might be the subject of just about every teenage girls’ fantasy, but, as far as we’re concerned, you have nothing - and we mean nothing - on 11-year old Lance Stroll.

The two-time Canadian Karting champion - yep, he’s won it twice already - became the youngest racer to ever be signed by Ferrari Racing to a development and training deal at the Ferrari Driving Academy.

According to Luca Baldisserri, Ferrari Driving Academy director, "He is very young, but he has already shown in karting that he is exceptionally talented. We will follow him step-by-step in his forthcoming events in North America and he will soon also take part in our courses at Maranello."

Not only has Lance exhibited exceptional racing skills, but the young buck has dominated just about every racing series he’s entered in, including the Rotax Mini Max Division in 2008, which, if you needed any more convincing as to how good he is, earned him Rookie of the Year in his inaugural season and a nomination for Driver of the Year in just his second season.

If we’re given a choice between girls and Ferraris, there’s no doubt that we’d pick the latter, because at the end of the day, when you’re in a Ferrari, the girls will follow in droves. So, sorry Justin Beiber, you’ve just been trumped by Lance Stroll.


Source: Yahoo Sports

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  (407) posted on 06.17.2010

Those who cannot follow a simple rules on traffic should be banned.

  (313) posted on 06.16.2010

Nice to see talent being discovered and having the opportunity to develop at such a young age. Good job kid!

  (228) posted on 06.15.2010

This kid has some potential. Even in young age he already got a title. Like what many said.. ferrari will never let their eyes off this kid.

  (392) posted on 06.14.2010

Well there is no doubt that ferrari will make sure that this kid will drive their race car soon.

  (206) posted on 06.12.2010

Not only does this kid actually have talent, but he isn’t like Beiber.

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