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Ferrari Has Just Shown Off Their EV and Hybrid Plans For The Next 4 years.

The Purosangue SUV will be powered by the 812 Superfast’s V-12

As we know, the internal combustion engine is a dying breed. The world is warming and countries all over the world passing legislation to outright ban the sale of new ICE cars. So, within the next 20 years, something has to change at a company that has had the internal combustion engine as one of its main selling points for decades. Ferrari has had many questions thrown at it in regards to the future of the company in recent years as the fabled Italian V-8s and V-12s will soon be falling out of favor. On June 16, 2022, at the Capital Markets Day presentation, Ferrari detailed their business plan for the next four years regarding their EVs, the Purosangue SUV, and other future models the company will be releasing.

Ferrari to Launch 15 New Cars Through 2026

Ferrari Has Just Shown Off Their EV and Hybrid Plans For The Next 4 years.
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60% of the Ferrari range will be electric or hybrid by 2026.

The big headline here is that Ferrari will launch 15 new cars from 2023 to 2026, with their first EV debuting in 2025. They want the majority of their range lineup to be electric, with 60% of it being either EV or hybrid and the other 40% strictly powered by some kind of ICE.

All the electric motors will be built at Ferrari’s new development facility in Maranello,whereas the batteries and software will be outsourced to companies in Europe and Asia. Ferrari will also be working with those companies to develop more energy-dense and efficient solid-state EV batteries, seemingly with plans to build the batteries once the EV development facility is finished.

Ferrari said, "the battery cells – which will be purchased to ensure the highest quality and latest technology – will be assembled in Maranello. The handcrafted battery modules will be integrated into the chassis of cars in a process focused on reducing the weight of the vehicle, increasing the performance and creating the unique driving experience, as only a Ferrari can deliver."

How Ferrari will differentiate so many models

Ferrari Has Just Shown Off Their EV and Hybrid Plans For The Next 4 years.
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It will be key for them to keep each model special and different from any other model they make.

Ferrari also wants to separate ICE, hybrid powertrains, and EVs, while making each unmistakably a Ferrari. The worry here is that there will be several models for each powertrain, so many that they could blend together.

With that many models, we could see the difference between one new Ferrari and another new Ferrari being as extensive as the difference between a Chevrolet Suburban and a GMC Yukon. A different name with some different styling, but really the same thing.

Ferrari seemingly also had this thought. So, on top of the ’normal’ range models that, in theory, any average Joe could buy, there will also be a class encompassing Icona and Supercar models, and a Special series, which will make up 5% and 10% of Ferrari’s total volumes, respectively. Those ultra-special models are included in the aforementioned 15 new models.

The dreaded Ferrari SUV

Ferrari Has Just Shown Off Their EV and Hybrid Plans For The Next 4 years.
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The Purosangue SUV will be powered by a V-12 from the 812 Superfast.

We will see the new Purosangue SUV, which is expected to make up no more than 20% of Ferrari sales, unveiled in all its money-making glory this September...with a V-12.That’s right, Ferrari is doing what we would expect from Lamborghini; dropping the gas-chugging powerplant from the 812 Superfast into a full size-SUV.

With this addition to the lineup, Ferrari will be competing even closer with Bentley, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin.

CEO Benedetto Vigna said, "We will continue to draw on our competitive advantages: uniqueness and technological leadership, whilst taking actions to reach carbon neutrality by 2030."

Source: Ferrari

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