If you are fortunate enough to have been enjoying the fabulous Ferrari 599 GTB since before before the high performance handling HGTE package was introduced, the Italian automaker is now giving you a chance to install the system as an Aftermarket Package.

Ferrari HGTE Sport Kit now available as Aftermarket Package
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The package (for pre-2008 599 GTB Fioranos) will only set you back $28,300 and will upgrade your GT machines handling significantly, as well as include a new exhaust system and some styling upgrades. For post-2008 models equipped with the F1 Superfast transmission, the price jumps up to $32,400 and adds an additional performance kit.

So for the price of brand new Mitsubishi Evo X, or the transponder watch for the new DBS you can have a Ferrari 599 that will run circles around the F-40 and maybe give Scuderias a run for ther money on the track, We think that it is well worth it, after all, what’s 30K when you already spent over 300 thousand dollars for an outstanding automobile. Why not make it even better?

Specifications after the jump.


1) Handling, includes:

  • Lower suspension (10mm)
  • New magnetorheologically controlled suspension calibration for the Manettino SPORT and RACE configurations
  • More rigid suspension springs (front + 17%, rear + 15%)
  • More rigid rear anti-roll bars (diameter increased to 25mm)
  • HGTE specific tyres with improved compound (8% more grip)
  • 3-piece modular rims with reduced weight (forged spokes) and special new design

2) Performance (only available for post-2008 cars, from engine no. 122779), includes:

  • New exhausts silencers with two-tone finish tailpipes
  • Enhanced F1 gearshift actuation, with response times reduced to 85ms
  • New accelerator logic with modified mapping for improved throttle response

N.B. The Performance kit cannot be installed on cars with manual gearboxes.

3) Exhaust, includes:

  • New exhausts silencers with two-tone finish tailpipes

The Exhaust kit is designed for:

  • vehicles that cannot receive the software updates listed in the Performance kit since the engine was produced before assembly number 122779 (pre-2008)
  • all cars with manual gearboxes
  • clients who are only interested in modifying the styling and sound of their own cars

N.B. The Exhaust kit is included in the Performance kit, for cars post-2008.

4) Aesthetic, includes:

  • New design front grille with a special chromatic treatment
  • Burnished finish to Prancing Horse symbols on the front grill and rear boot lid
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Uncia  (868) posted on 07.17.2009

They’re getting ready for the LF-A and SLS AMG.

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