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Is Ferrari working on an electrified successor to the LaFerrari?

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Ferrari’s most recent supercar, the LaFerrari, was introduced in 2013. The coupe remained in production until 2016, when Ferrari launched the Aperta, which was built until 2018. It’s been two years since the LaFerrari was discontinued and the Maranello-based company is now testing a supercar that looks awfully familiar.

Spotted by our paparazzi on public roads, this prototype is clearly based on the LaFerrari, yet it sports some unique features as well. Is Ferrari building a special-edition LaFerrari? Is this an upcoming successor to the LaFerrari?

This Ferrari prototype is obviously based on the LaFerrari

Ferrari Hypercar Mule Spotted Testing Exterior Spyshots
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The test mule is wrapped in camo from nose to rear, but it's pretty obvious that it is based on the LaFerrari.

I say "based" because it also features a few unique design cues. Up front, we can see some changes to the bumper. The post between the nose and the splitter is missing on this mule, as are the vents on the front hood. The headlamps look a bit different too, mostly due to the revised LED pattern under the lens.

Ferrari Hypercar Mule Spotted Testing Exterior Spyshots
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The profile boasts a series of familiar design features seen on the LaFerrari, but the vents in the rear fenders have been modified. There’s also a blue triangle on the B-pillar, which suggest that this hypercar is also a hybrid. The rear end is 90-percent a LaFerrari, but Ferrari made some changes to center section, cutting the main post. The diffuser and the housings of the exhaust pipes have also been modified. Finally, the engine hood features a much smaller window and an additional vent on the lower section, suggesting a modified LaFerrari drivetrain.

Is this a new limited-edition LaFerrari?

Ferrari Hypercar Mule Spotted Testing Exterior Spyshots
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Although the mule seems heavily based on the LaFerrari, I’m pretty sure the Italian company isn’t testing an upcoming version of this supercar. The LaFerrari was discontinued two years ago and it’s unlikely for Ferrari to revive nameplates after so much times. We’ve seen it happen with brands like Pagani and Koenigsegg, but once a Ferrari nameplate is gone, it’s definitely not coming back.

Is this a brand-new Ferrari hypercar?

Ferrari Hypercar Mule Spotted Testing Exterior Spyshots
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This is the best scenario I can think of.

Ferrari is probably working on a successor to the LaFerrari and it's using the Aperta model as a mule.

If Ferrari is using the same platform for the new hypercar, it’s not at all strange for this vehicle to start life as a LaFerrari. We also know that it usually takes Ferrari five to eight years to develop a new-generation supercar. With the LaFerrari already seven years old, it’s about time we start seeing a prototype of a brand-new model on public roads.

What should we expect from this new Ferrari hypercar

Ferrari Hypercar Mule Spotted Testing Exterior Spyshots
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There’s not a lot of info coming from the rumor mill, but it’s safe to say that the successor to the LaFerrari will pack a lot of power. It will also be a proper hybrid with at least an electric motor paired to the gasoline powerplant. But the gas engine remains a mystery.

While it could be a revised version of Ferrari's naturally aspirated V-12, it could also be a brand-new, turbocharged V-8.

But regardless of layout and number of cylinders, the gasoline engine should deliver at least 800 horsepower. The electric motor(s) will kick in with more than 200 horses, so this new hypercar could hit the road with more than 1,000 horsepower at its disposal.

Ferrari Hypercar Mule Spotted Testing Exterior Spyshots
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Thanks to the extra oomph and the revised aerodynamics, the upcoming Ferrari could be the quickest yet and hit 60 mph from a standing start in less than 2.7 seconds. Top speed will definitely blow past the 200-mph mark, but it remains to be seen if it surpasses the LaFerrari’s official rating of 220 mph.

Expect the new Ferrari hypercar to arrive sometime in 2021.

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