We’re not the least bit surprised that after having reported on an inordinate number of Ferraris catching fire under suspicious circumstances, we finally learn that Ferrari has been keeping tabs on all these incidences, and in response, is looking into the potential issues – and subsequent mess – they’ve found themselves in.

To date, at least 10 Ferrari 458 Italias have either crashed or burned down and the Prancing Horse is investigating on whether these incidents, specifically the fire-related ones, came as a result of driver’s error or whether it’s manufacturer-related.

According to a Ferrari spokesman who spoke to the Daily Telegraph, the company is taking the measures needed to learn more about these incidents and determine where the issues are. “We are taking all the reports very seriously and are looking into them but we are treating them all as separate incidents," he said.

The spokesperson also noted, in an interview with ‘Just Auto’, that “it is important to differentiate between what is a vehicle fire and outside factors and I would include driver error. Six have been incidents where it potentially could be the driver or other factors.”

We can’t fault Ferrari for acting all defensive with this because it’s certainly something that should be taken seriously. We’re just hoping that whatever problems this otherwise beautiful car has can be resolved as quickly as possible.

Hit the jump to check out all of the Ferrari 458s that encountered some fiery deaths.

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Source: Daily Telegraph

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  (68) posted on 08.26.2010

Ferrari is NOW looking into this incident. I have always read about Ferrari’s engines catching on fire (remember the Aerosmith guy at the gas station with his?). But this car seems like it has a defect. But between this car, and the cars before, I think Ferrari should be following the Toyota route and investigate and make repair. Especially when you dropping almost $200K on a car.

  (380) posted on 08.25.2010

I was wondering too on how 458 Italia became the car with so many fire incidents happened in just a year.

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