The Ferrari Portofino and Roma Will Skip Hybridization

Ferrari is, without a doubt putting a major focus on hybridization, and at least half of the “15 new models by 2022” will, in fact, be hybrid. However, Ferrari has now confirmed that neither the entry-level Portofino nor the Portofino-based Roma have even a chance of going hybrid. It’s not a move to please purists or fans on internal combustion, either, so don’t go tooting your own horn quite yet.

The Ferrari Portofino Was Never Meant for Electrification And It Will Stay That Way

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In a new report published by Autocar, which cites Ferrari officials during a press event for the Roma, it has been revealed that electrification was never meant for the Portofino – primarily because of the front-engine, rear-drive coupe design. As you can imagine, adding electric motors and extra battery packs to a platform and structure not meant for electrification wouldn’t be an easy task. And, since electrification for the Portofino – and consequently the Roma – wasn’t on Ferrari’s radar at the time, the company is forced to give the Portofino hybrid and Roma hybrid a big pass.

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Now, what happens after the current Roma and Portofino bid farewell is a completely different story. The Portofino, for example, delivers a cool 591 horsepower from a 3.9-liter, twin-turbo, V-8, while the Roma bumps out 612 horsepower, a figure that the Portofino may come closer to come 2021. So, neither of these models were exactly hurting for power, but the hybrid powertrain could have improved, at the very least, fuel economy.

There is a good chance, however, the Portofino’s successor will, in fact, be hybridized.
Ferrari Is Going Hybrid, But At Least 2 Models Never Will Exterior Wallpaper quality
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Lately, a number of camouflaged Ferrari mules have been cruising around Maranello, all of which had very interesting exhaust notes. Those notes were indicative that power was coming from Ferrari’s upcoming hybrid V-6 – the engine that will first power the mid-engined successor to the F8 Tributo. This powertrain will eventually make its way into a number of other models, but the Portofino and Roma will be left out in the cold until a successor makes its appearance. So, if you’re someone who fancies the thought of pure internal combustion, well the Roma and Portofino will be there for you.

Source: Autocar

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