• Ferrari Isn’t Ready To Kill Off Its Naturally Aspirated V-12 Yet

It seems the heart of Ferrari isn’t out of time – at least not yet, anyway

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Ferrari has been very busy through the first half of 2021, introducing – as of the time of this writing – two “new” models: The 812 Limited Edition V12 and the V-12 Targa that is the 812 Competizione. These cars are a big deal because it’s widely believed that, thanks to increasingly stringent emissions regulations and the forced transition to electrification, the days of larger naturally aspirated engines like the Ferrari V-12 are about to come to an end. This, however, may not be the case – at least not if Ferrari has anything to say about it.

The Heart of Ferrari Isn’t Going Anywhere… For Now

Ferrari Isn't Ready To Kill Off Its Naturally Aspirated V-12 Yet High Resolution Drivetrain AutoShow
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Earlier this year, a rather credible rumor said that Ferrari was going to kill of its naturally aspirated F140 V-12 along with the introduction of the 2021 812 GTO. The sheer nature of the automotive climate and governmental regulation made that rumor even more believable. Right around the same time, we received new spy shots of a mysterious Ferrari and news that a 700-horsepower hybrid car, aka the Ferrari 486, was going to be the next big thing from the prancing horse. A month or so after that news hit the web, a car disguised a Laferrari was spotted testing what could have been a hybrid V-12. Following news that Ferrari’s first EV was likely coming in 2025, the writing seemed to be on the wall and fate was sealed – the naturally aspirated Ferrari V-12 is probably on its way out.

Ferrari Isn't Ready To Kill Off Its Naturally Aspirated V-12 Yet High Resolution Drivetrain AutoShow
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So, with all of this evidence, what do we have that favors the Ferrari V-12 sticking around? Well, how does word from Ferrari’s Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer, Enrico Galliera, sound to you? It adds a bit of legitimacy to the concept, right? Accord to Galliera, Ferrari’s recognizes the importance of the naturally aspirated V-12 and its engineering team is working to “identify ways to keep it alive.” In the same interview with Top Gear, Ferrari’s Chief Technology Officer, Michael Leiters, did all he could to back up the notion that the V-12 isn’t going anywhere, saying that the engine can be improved for not only more power but more efficiency:

“Definitely we have to do a lot of research and development to maintain – as Enrico mentioned before – this pillar of Ferrari,”
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Of course, he was also quick to note that the biggest challenge to overcome at this moment was the presence of fast-changing and increasingly stricter emissions standards. Be that as it may, it seems that Ferrari has a few more tricks to teach its old dog, and that’s a good thing. And, more importantly, this is very fresh news as Galliera and Leiters spoke with Topgrear after the release of the mythical 800-horsepower Ferrari 812 Versione Speciale that became known as the 812 Limited Edition V12 and the V-12 Targa that is the 812 Competizione. just a week ago as of the time of this writing. This, of course, doesn’t mean that Ferrari isn’t going to invest in hybridization or full-on electrification, because that will happen, it just means that the company isn’t going to give up on the naturally aspirated V-12 until it’s absolutely necessary. That’s good news, indeed.

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