Although the development of the LaFerrari XX has been confirmed since early 2014, Ferrari’s state-of-the-art track supercar is still a mystery. Not only is Maranello keeping all the details in the vault, the LaFerrari XX has only made brief public appearances during which very few exterior enhancements were showcased. We’ve seen it roar its engine on the race course earlier this month as well, but, as with all of the XX’s outings, we had to settle with gazing at a heavily camouflaged silhouette. But just as we were about to give up on hunting actual details of the track-exclusive LaFerrari, a couple of new photos surfaced the Interwebz, giving us our best look at the Italian supercar yet.

These images were first posted on the CzechExotics Facebook page and reveal some never-before-seen feats of the XX. such as the large rear wing, not mounted on the car in our previous Nurburgring spy shots, and the massive, race-spec brake discs and calipers. There’s also a photo of the interior, which comes to confirm the LaFerrari XX received a stripped out cabin with a full roll cage and a huge amount of racing gear. It doesn’t appear as the interior is ready for production, but a few panels to hide all the wiring won’t change its layout too much.

Also in the good news department, rumor has it the LaFerrari XX will debut at the Ferrari Finali Mondiali event in Abu Dhabi in December 2014. This means the suffering might be over in less than two months. Here’s to hoping!

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Why it matters

These new shots confirm Ferrari means business with the LaFerrari XX. While some track-ready models aren’t more than just road-legal cars with various suspension updates, and sport seats and steering wheel, Ferrari’s race-spec LaFerrari is as serious as it gets. The cockpit is a strong indication the XX is no fancy supercar, but a true-blue race car ready to go against just about any professional racer. And that’s great news!

Ferrari LaFerrari XX

2015 Ferrari FXX K Exterior Computer Renderings and Photoshop
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Not much is known about the LaFerrari XX, but recent footage hints Ferrari is focusing on improving downforce and working on a new suspension system. We expect the chassis tweaks to enable the supercar to handle tight corners at higher speeds and post slight gains in terms of performance. It’s unclear whether or not the race car will keep the road vehicle’s electric motor, but the 6.3-liter V-12 is likely to have its output increased.

Besides being uber-fast and confined to the race track, the LaFerrari XX will also become one of the rarest Ferraris ever built. Maranello is rumored to build some 30 units and we figure they will only be offered to devoted customers that already own the street-legal LaFerrari. Pricing is likely to blow past the $2 million mark.

Source: CzechExotics

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