Ferrari has finally issued a safety recall of the 458 Italia. Yes, finally.

After a disastrous few months that featured no less than five 458s inexplicably catching fire, the Italian supercar maker has finally conceded that there may, in fact, be something wrong with their new pride and joy.

Ferrari finally issued the recall after discovering that a certain adhesive material they used to attach a heat shield under the car’s rear fender has the potential to catch fire when subjected to high temperatures, which, in turn, could lead to a fire in the car’s engine. From all the photos we’ve seen of the burning 458s, each one of them looks to have taken place in the rear end of the car, which could indeed point to the adhesive as the main culprit behind the 458 barbecue fest.

To fix the problem, Ferrari has designed a new heat shield material that can replace the use of the defective adhesive by attaching it with rivets thereby completely removing the adhesive material that has caused all of these fires. So, if you happen to own a still-to-catch-fire 458 Italia, it’s absolutely a-must to contact your dealer as soon as possible and have this egregious problem fixed. You never know; if you don’t act quickly, that fire just might catch up to you and your beloved supercar.


Source: Ferrari

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  (331) posted on 09.2.2010

this is a serious manner that needs to be taken action immediately. can you imagine your sweat and blood car turn up into dust?.

  (462) posted on 09.1.2010

Great. I think they won’t make it a call. They must save Italia’s all around the world. smiley

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