Ferrari is offering a new "Tailor Made" personalization program for customers who want to add a little more flavor to cars like the 458 Italia and the 599 GTB. The new program includes cashmere-covered seats and gold-colored exterior paint. However, don’t expect these upgrades to come cheap; they will add between 20% - 60% to the price of the vehicle. It’s also a sly way for Ferrari to boost its profit now that it has limited its sales to 7,000 vehicles a year to guard its elite appeal.

Ferrari’s production volume will only exceed 7,000 if the waiting list extends beyond 18 months, but the absolute limit is 10,000 units. The money from this new personalization program will go to Fiat who leans on Ferrari as a source of cash to offset falling earnings in mass-market cars.

"The exclusivity of the materials and the service level we provide call for a different price," said Nicola Boari, Ferrari’s head of product marketing. "The customer has a car that is 100 percent unique because it reflects his choices."


Source: Bloomberg

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