Ferrari’s quest for global (retail) domination is getting stronger and stronger by the day after the Pranching Horse recently conquered yet another country. And while they should never be confused as Starbucks, Ferrari’s ever-growing retail shopping chains does look like its expanding faster than that Green Mermaid.

The latest country to open an official Ferrari store is Athens, Greece, joining a laundry list of high-profile cities all over the world that have also recently been introduced to the Scuderia, including Milan, Venice, Rome, London, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Miami, Barcelona, Macau, the mega store in Dubai, and the highly-anticipated Ferrari World Theme Park in Abu Dhabi.

And if you think they’re done, guess again. The global expansion of the Ferrari Store, at least according to some sources within the company, is far from over. The car brand is still looking at the potential of other cities in Europe, North America, and Asia to have their own official retail store with Ferrari setting aside a target of opening around 50 stores in the coming years.

As one of the most recognizable brands anywhere in the world, the appeal of a Ferrari store near your block should not go understated. Now, if only their price tags were a little bit on the wallet-friendly side, then that would make the whole thrill of going inside a store much more worth it.


Source: Carscoop

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  (344) posted on 01.18.2010

It will be good for Ferrari to open shops on some countries that want to see their own rendition of supercars which probably includes the Scuderia that as you will know, one of the stars of Ferrari.

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