Please, if you pray to any automotive deities, begin thanking them profusely for the news you are about to hear. Ferrari has confirmed that there will be no SUVs or sedans in its portfolio. Autocar has a report with quotes from the outgoing boss of Ferrari, Luca de Montezemlo, and his interim replacement and Fiat boss, Sergio Marchionne, stating that Ferrari will continue to be a creator of high-end sports cars. Marchionne himself stated Ferrari would "make two-door sports cars not SUVs or four-door cars."

This wonderful piece of news was shared during Ferrari’s press conference at the Paris Motor Show. Other interesting tidbits of information from the event include the dismissal of the rumor that Marchionne wanted to increase Ferrari’s yearly sales to 10k units. Based on this report, it actually seems that the most polarizing issue between de Montezemolo and Sergio Marchionne is the Formula One team. Marchionne claimed that putting Ferrari in the top spot in F1 was a "non-negotiable objective."

As sad as it is to see Luca de Montezemolo leave, it is refreshing to hear that many of the worrying rumors surrounding Marchionne’s plans for the Prancing Horse brand seem to be incorrect. There will be no 10k-unit sales boost, there will be no sedan, and there will be no SUV. All good things to my ears. Now let’s see how serious he was about getting Ferrari to the top of the Formula One podium.

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Why It Matters

We have talked at length about how adding lots of extra models to the Ferrari lineup could dilute the precious cache the brand currently holds. Ferrari is probably the only brand outside of something like Bugatti that people will buy almost exclusively for the name. There is a special elite status that comes with owning a car with a Prancing Horse on the hood, and the world knows it. When you make that available to the plebian masses, the 1-percenters become far less interested it.

Yes Ferrari also has an incredible performance legacy to uphold, and creating a pile of SUVs and family-hauling sedans won’t do much to bolster that reputation either.

Overall it seems that Sergio Marchionne has his plans made, and his head on straight. His first goal is to get Ferrari back to winning F1 races. What happens after that is anyone’s guess, but for the moment Ferrari will continue to be the ultimate purveyor of fast and sexy two-door cars.

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