Ferrari Posts Record Sales Year in 2012

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A day after being named the world’s most powerful brand, Italian automaker, Ferrari, announced even more good news that will make its customers - and stockholders - proud.

In 2012, the Prancing Horse posted the best ever trading period in company history, an across the board improvement that bested their 2008 numbers, and did so despite worse economic conditions. All in all, Ferrari delivered 7,318 cars to its dealership network for the year, a 4.5-percent improvement from their 2011 numbers.

North America accounted for the biggest percentage of that number with 2,058 delivered cars, the first time Ferrari has breached the 2,000-car mark in the U.S. and Canada. Meanwhile, the Chinese market, which includes Taiwan and Hong Kong, saw the second largest number of delivered Ferraris in 2012 with 784 cars followed closely by Germany with 750, Great Britain with 673, and the Middle East and Africa with 556.

As a result of all the delivered Ferraris, revenues also rose by eight percent to 2.433 billion Euro with net profits hitting €244 million ($326 million), a 17.8-percent jump from their numbers a year ago, and overall trading profit up to €350 million ($468 million), an improvement of 12.1 percent.

“We are all enormously proud of ending the year with these kinds of results despite the unfavorable economic backdrop in many European nations, and the distinctly hostile one in Italy,” declared Chairman Luca di Montezemolo. “The credit for this goes to the men and women in Ferrari, the strength of the brand, a very complete and highly innovative range, and our gradual expansion into automotive markets worldwide.”

With such a robust showing in 2012, who knows what the 2013 has to offer for the Italian automaker. One thing we’ve come to know, though, is that if people have any money and they can afford to spend on an exotic, there’s a good chance that they’ll do so on a Prancing Horse.


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  (548) posted on 04.15.2013

I am not surprise if the Ferrari could be able to have record sales and bested their previous sales since it is a powerful car brand. I hope they will continue making great cars and improving their car models in the future.

  (452) posted on 02.19.2013

Italians are the best!They have great cheese, great meat, beautiful women, visual arts of high quality...and really strong cars

  (475) posted on 02.19.2013

As far as I can see, Ferrari is about to kick any other cars brand, at least, speaking about money.However, they deserve such percentages of sales, thinking of how awesome their cars are

  (509) posted on 02.19.2013

The truth is that in America you have the occasion, as a tourist, to rinse your eyes with lots and lots of beautiful Ferraris. You find them on every street!At least one or two

  (542) posted on 02.19.2013

Considering the great designs they have, and the quality of the cars...I’m sure that they might keep up this way even this year, as well

  (516) posted on 02.19.2013

Wow, those are some real bussiness numbers! No wonder they did such a record last year

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