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Ferrari Purosangue Reveals Its Production Body

Ferrari Purosangue, finally in its own skins. The latest test mules get production bodies

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The automotive world is a dynamic one and Ferrari embodies that quite well. Back in 2014, Ferrari said it will not bother with making an SUV. Fast-forward to nowadays and the Italian brand’s first “Ferrari Utility Vehicle” is nearing production state. Moreover, recent spy footage revealed the Ferrari Purosangue’s production body.

Ferrari Purosangue Reveals Its Production Body Exterior Spyshots
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This is the first time, we gaze upon the real body of the Ferrari Purosangue. Earlier test mules had chopped off Maserati Levante bodies and a GTC4 Lusso test mule was used for suspension testing. Now we get the real deal, even if it’s heavily camouflaged. Despite being heavily wrapped, we get a good idea of the Purosangue’s proportions.

As it is, the prototype gives the impression of a smaller vehicle. However, rumors suggest it will be around five meters in length, so it will be more than comparable to the Lamborghini Urus and Porsche Panamera Coupe. We would never expect Ferrari to make a traditional SUV, which is why we are not surprised to see the sloped, fastback-style rear end, which almost looks like a raised sedan. If you are curious about how that would look, you can check out this rendering of a Roma/Purosangue hybrid.

Ferrari Purosangue Reveals Its Production Body Exterior Spyshots
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Given Ferrari’s initial reluctance to enter the SUV market, as well as its proud racing heritage, it’s no surprise that the Purosangue looks more like a high-riding sports car than a proper SUV. The front end is sharper, like on any other Ferrari, and much more sloped than any other high-performance SUV.

Whether or not the Ferrari Purosangue will have everything it needs in order to be competitive on the market, remains to be seen. While there are many interesting facts regarding Ferrari’s first SUV, we at least have a good idea of how it’s going to look. The model will arrive as a 2023 model, so we expect a debut sometime in 2022. Initially, the Purosangue is said to arrive with a V-12, but V-6 and V-8 plug-in hybrids and even fully electric versions will follow suit.

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