While the entire auto world is fixated on the ongoing Paris Motor Show, it’s still safe to say that there are other items worth talking about outside of Paris. One of which is the highly anticipated opening of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

The grand opening of the Ferrari-themed amusement park won’t be until November, but management has announced that the park will open a few days earlier for a short Inaugural Period on October 27 at 7 pm.

According to Claus Frimand, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi’s General Manager, the early sneak peek opening of the theme park will give visitors a chance to enjoy the spectacle that is Ferrari World ahead of schedule. "We are on schedule to open the park with a wide selection of rides and attractions,” he said. “We have managed to turn one of the world’s most exclusive brands into an extraordinary experience which families and fans will come back for time and time again."

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Another new kink with regards to the Ferrari theme park is their basis of selling tickets. Whereas most parks charge tickets depending on the age of the visitor, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi will be selling tickets based on the visitor’s height. Those who stand under 1.5 meters – 4 ft 9 inches – will be charged $45 while anybody who’s taller than 1.5 meters will pay $61.

Ferrari World will also be selling premium tickets worth $102, which, if availed, gives the customer premium access on rides and attractions, as well as open-door invitations to the park’s lounge area.

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  (442) posted on 10.4.2010

Am I the only one who is completely sick of these Sheiks having a trillion dollars and gold plated everything? I love internal combustion, but every time I see TopSpeed run a story like this it makes me want to buy an electric car. These Arabs did NOTHING for motor sports, since the dawn of time. Now, suddenly since they were sitting on some oil, they have basically ALL the Veyrons in the world, and gold plate everything?

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